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*This group is made for all DCC/LCC/ devices or equipment to be sold or swapped. NO FEES NO HASSLES NO LIMITS* *This is THE place where DCC/LCC Only items can be sold or swapped. Whether it is new in the box or just collecting dust, you may have what others are looking for. * *We welcome all who are looking to buy, sell, or trade:* * *-Command Stations, Decoders, Accessories, DIY* * *-Hard-to-find items.* * *-DCC/LCC related videos, books, printed material, and other media. * * *-Spare parts and junkers. * *No, DC ONLY (trains, track, buildings bench work, power packs or scenery) unless it is DCC installed, ready, or compatible.* *We also welcome Retailers and Manufacturers offering deep-discounts, close-outs, or rare items.* *We hope you find DCCswap to be a friendly forum without ego and arrogance. Our members own the group and they decide how we do things. Dealers are welcome to post items for sale especially hard to find and discontinued.  Dealers cannot use this as their business webpage for all their items or products. * *Please follow these guidelines to post:* *Your Subject Line should include a code:* *FS: For Sale* *WTB: Want To Buy* *WTT or TR: Want To Trade* *If specific to one Scale then ADD:* *N: HO O G * *etc* *Attach a photo of your item(s) or place one in the Photos Section with a link to it in your posting.* *Post all replies to questions on the message board.* *Conduct your transactions by private email.* *When an item sells, please DELETE ALL photos and POST a 'SOLD" message.* *Do not post “or best offer” sales as that can lead to an auction-like bidding competition. Your sales are to be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.* *DISCLAIMER - The Owner of this Group holds NO responsibility nor any liability for any transactions nor any claims made. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. All business is conducted at your own risk. Please be honest and work out any problems between yourselves. The Owner will moderate the first 2 posts.* * Phone numbers should only be posted within off-list correspondence.* * BE HONEST! BE FAIR! TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WISH TO BE TREATED.* * Violators of these simple principles will be banned!*
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